[For Fans of Demon Slayer] What are the beautiful flowers in Kimetsu no Yaiba? Where to See? 
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[For Fans of Demon Slayer] What are the beautiful flowers in Kimetsu no Yaiba? Where to See? 

H ave you watched Demon Slayer, "Kimetsu no Yaiba"? Demon Slayer is very popular amongst many people regardless of age or gender not only in Japan, but in the Philippines and even around the world as well.

Want to do the pilgrimage to the real life of demon slayer location? In this article, let us introduce the famous and beautiful scene of the Flowers bloomed in Mt Fujikasane. 

What are the flowers in "Demon Slayer"?

The purple beautiful flower is Wisteria Flower, in Japanese "Fuji Flower".

The scene of the Final Selection to become an official Demon Slayer, the exam was conducted at Mt Fujikasane. 
Wisteria Flowers is used to predominantly combat Demons by the Demon Slayer Corps because demons are afraid of wisteria.
The midpoint of Mt. Fujikasane is covered by Wisteria Flowers so all the Demon on Mt Fujikasane cannot escape from the mountain. The examinees of Demon Slayers go into the mountain to defeat the demons, they can pass the exam and to be official Demon Slayer if they can survive for 7 days.

When is the Season for the Wisteria Flower?   

In the story, Wisteria Flower on Mt. Fujikasane is blooming all year but in real life the best season for the Wisteria Flower is mid April to early May. Even if you miss the cherry blossom in early April, you have a chance to witness this graceful flower instead. 



The Pilgrimage to Demon Slayer Location? 


Where is Mt. Fujikasane? Where to see the Wisteria Flower?

Unfortunately, Mt. Fujikasane does not exactly exist in Japan. It says that the model of Mt. Fujikasane is "Ashikaga Flower Park" so let us introduce the places that you can see the Wisteria Flower.

Ashikaga Flower Park 

This park is located in Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture, 1.5-2 hours train and bus ride from Tokyo. If you feel it's a hassle to go by DIY you can check the bus tour with us:) The wisteria is not only color purple, there are blue, white, pink and yellow ones. Over 350 wisteria trees are there and one of the trees is 100 years old and huge.The light up makes the place more dreamy and fantasy. 


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Kawachi Fuji Gardens  

Kawachi Fuji Gardens is located in Fukuoka Prefecture, 1-1.5 hours by car, hard to go there by public transportation.  
Also full bloom of the wisteria is the same period with Golden Week (Japanese Holy Week, Beginning of May) so its only available by advance reservation and It's recommended to go with tour.  The specialty of the garden is two, long tunnels (roughly 100 meter) made of wisteria trees. 


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Toba Water Environment Protection Center

It's located in Kyoto Prefecture, 30 mins bus ride or 15 mins by car from JR Kyoto sta. The shower of the Wisteria lasts around 120 meter long and makes gorgeous views. 


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Kameidoten Shrine

As this is located in Tokyo near the Tokyo Skytree, you can include here in Tokyo Spring Itinerary. The combination of Wisteria, ponds and red bridge is Japanese moderate and simple views.Also at the night time, the combination of lighted up Wisteria and Tokyo Skytree is outstanding. 


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Tennogawa Park ”Owari Tsushima Fuji Festival”

If you are planning to go Chubu or Nagoya Area in this season, you can includes here in your Itinerary. Location is 40 mins by train and walk or 30 mins by car from Nagoya sta.Over 100 trees makes 275 meter wisteria tunnel. At night time, wisteria will be light up and reflection on ponds is quaint atmosphere. 


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